Joy of life


Algo alegre está ahí mirando y creciendo cada vez que le das agua, agua y melancolía celeste. Y se renueva día a día cada vez que vuelve a enterrarse, porque el mirar buscando la luz vuelve a sanarlo y a hacerlo tan libre como el aire mismo.

"Joy is over there in her incredible clothes
She has silver silk shimmering down to her toes
I was doing the best that I can, I suppose
But that little girl dancer eventually grows, she grows

You can't imagine all the times that I tried
To uncover the source of the tears that you cried
Let's throw it away and just go for a ride
And you'd say okay but you'd keep it inside
And I tried, I tried, I tried, I tried

We want you to be happy, don't live inside the gloom
We want you to be happy, come step outside your room
We want you to be happy 'cause this is your song too

I never thought I could have it so good
You were the song that my soul understood
That time is a river that flows through the woods
And it led us to places we both understood
Would be gone before too long, would be gone before too long

When we were young we thought life was a game
But then somebody leaves you and you're never the same
All of the places and people belong to the puzzle
But one of the pieces is gone and it's you
It's you, it's you, Joy, it's you"

(Thomas Marshall; Ernest Anastasio)

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